AHIMA, Health Information, and Value-Based Health Care

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in January 2009.

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Hello everyone: It is almost that time again! The days are getting cooler, and Fall is in the air. We know what that means, right? It is almost time for the AHIMA National Convention and Exhibition! This year the convention is in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and I can’t wait! This will be a particularly interesting conference with so much going on in the world of health information. Health care providers are deep into conversions to electronic health records at the same time that are gearing up for the conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding. New technologies such as natural language technologies and computer assisted coding are being discussed. Perhaps most interestingly, the HIM profession is making plans on how to support new models for healthcare delivery including accountable care and the patient-centered medical home, because regardless of what happens on The Hill in DC, the move to value-based healthcare must happen.

Those of us in the transcription industry must pay particular attention to the changes occurring in HIM. As discussions about computer assisted coding and ICD-10 occur, it becomes more apparent than ever that complete, comprehensive narrative clinical documentation is a must-have and a no brainer. Despite talks of how transcription will be eliminated by the EHR, we still have a huge role to play in the delivery of care to patients.

Follow this link to my posting on Excellence in Health Information to hear a bit more. And I hope I see you all in Salt Lake City!

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