Speech Recognition – Throw Away Everything You Thought You Knew – from AHDI ACE 2011

Hello everyone: I apologize for taking so long to get these slides uploaded! I’ve been crazy busy traveling, and then playing catch up after traveling. I’m looking forward to writing more about ACE 2011 (very exciting this year!) as soon as I get a few moments, but I wanted to get these out to you now.


And for anyone who wants more information about some of the things mentioned in my slides, here are some links to previous articles:

Speech Recognition – general

Is Speech Recognition the answer to all your problems?

Speech Rec is here to stay…

MT Compensation and Management

MT Compensation

The Demise of the Career MT

What Factors Contribute to MT Career-Mindedness?

Optimization of speech recognition Technology Results

When Metrics Mean Nothing – The Myth of the “Percent Gain”

What does the Medical Transcription Industry Sell?

Narrative Documentation, Standards

Are we Telling the Real Health Story?

A Vision for Truly Meaningful Health Information

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