Ava George, CMT, AHDI-F: Guest blogger. Management Styles and the Impact

Frederick Winslow Taylor lived from 1856 to 1915

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This week, in Excellence in Health Information, we are pleased and honored to present Ava Marie George, CMT, AHDI-F, AHDI President-Elect 2010-2011, as our guest blogger. Ava has been in health information management and medical transcription since 1993. She owned and operated a small MTSO and consulting firm before working as an MT in an acute care level 1 trauma center/teaching hospital in Lansing, Michigan. While there, she participated in a union contract dispute as a consultant that resulted in a contract supporting transcriptionists. She subsequently joined the management team at the hospital and worked as a transcription manager for two years before leaving to serve as professor at Davenport University, Lansing, Michigan. She has taught anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and Introduction to Health Careers. Ava is also enrolled in an MBA program and will receive her MBA in Health Care Administration sometime in 2012. Ava also serves as an independent contractor for Covenant Health Care in Saginaw, Michigan.

Ava joined AHDI and the Red Cedar Chapter (Michigan) in 1999. She served as President of Red Cedar Chapter for two years, Delegate, Delegate Lead Team, AAMT/AHDI Nominating Committee, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, and Awards Committee. Ava was elected to the AHDI Board of Directors in 2007.

In her current position as Director, she serves on the Awards Committee, VITA, Manager/Supervisors, Bylaws/Resolutions, and QA team. Ava has written for Plexus and Advance Magazine, and has contributed to several Stedman’s books. Ava recently received her CMT credential and AHDI-F designation. Ava was also elected to the position of AHDI President-Elect (2010 – 2011) and will begin to serve as AHDI President ACE 2011.

Please welcome Ava Marie George…

There are many different management styles ranging from laissez-faire to militaristic. I’m sure that if we were to all sit down in a room and discuss our experiences, we would find that most of the group would have been exposed to most of them. Let’s begin with the Taylor method. Frederick Winslow Taylor invented the concept of scientific management in 1900. It is also called Taylorism, which is based on a concept called “One best method.” This is a top-down management style and is managed by decisions being made by management. Taylorism presumes that professionalism is paramount and decision making is best made by managers because they can be unbiased and have a scientific approach as an essential part of their management style. Uniformity of production with standardization for each job speeds up production process and creates experts in each phase. Taylorism favors matching workers with appropriate abilities for each job, thus developing a “one best method” to perform all activities. The concept of Taylorism seemed to work well in early industrial production environments. It also made a huge impact on the world economy and lead to several organizational reforms….

Please join us to read the rest of Ava’s article at Management Style and Its Effect on Employees and Productivity.

Many thanks to Ava!

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