Guest Blog on Excellence in Health Information

Gary David, PhD guest blogs on Excellence in Health Information.

Dr. David asks, “Does this Metric Make me Look Fat?” as he explores the difference between “data” and “information” and the ability to use “data” in support of healthcare without the context which turns “data” into useful “information.”

What are your thoughts?


One Response

  1. Gary David’s blog is so true. I think we tend to use the BMI so often because it is easy to calculate knowing that it is not an accurate tool for everyone. Total cholesterol levels are another metric that is used so often but also may be misleading. One’s total cholesterol level may be high but a breakdown is really needed to determine if there is a true health risk since many times a high HDL is good but can increase the total level. So we need to make sure a fasting cholesterol is taken and that it is broken down into HDL, LDL, triglycerides etc. so that a full picture of the patient is seen. And if this isn’t done or isn’t shared we need to ask for it and become our own patient advocate.

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