Quality Health Information from a Physician’s Perspective

Conversation between doctor and patient/consumer.

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Hello everyone:  Welcome to our first guest blogger on Excellence in Health Information on Advance HIM: Blogs, Cherise Tasker, MD.

Dr. Tasker is a primary care physician with 17 years’ experience in the clinical documentation field.  Dr. Tasker has worked with hospitals throughout the US developing client relationships and implementing quality assurance protocols.  She is currently the Chief Medical Officer forTranscend Services, Inc., in Atlanta, GA.

Thank you Dr. Tasker for contributing the following…

“INR is three three sodecrease Coumadin to two five.”

In one dictated phrase, a lab finding, prescription, discharge medication and treatment justification are born.  How accurate will the recording of the data be?  Will the patient be given the correct pills?  Will he take the therapeutic dose?  Will the language meet the DRG criteria?  Will the information be available in electronic  format upon the patient’s discharge in order to meet meaningful use criteria?  Just a few of the questions whose resolution depends upon excellence in health information….

Please join us at Excellence in Health Information for the rest of Dr. Tasker’s article…

Thank you Dr. Tasker!

Til Next Time,


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