What I’m Thankful For..

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Hello everyone: On this Thanksgiving morning I remembered that I didn’t write the usual “I’m thankful for” blog post.   So here it is!

What I’m thankful for:

1. My beautiful daughter – who somehow grew up to be an amazing cook. She did not inherit that from me but regardless – I am sitting here writing and doing schoolwork instead of cooking on this Thanksgiving Day. And her turkey is SO good that I look forward to it all year.

2. My creative son – poet and budding philosopher. No, his chosen fields of study don’t guarantee him a job (I don’t remember seeing any job ads for poets or philosophers recently) but that makes me even more proud of him.

3. Hubby – the unbelievable man who keeps this head-in-the-clouds scatter-brain from running out of gas  – both literally and figuratively.  I don’t know how I ever made it through a week before he came into my life.

4. Education – I’m thankful that both children are back in school – and surprisingly, I’m now thankful they took a few years off before going back because now, instead of going through a few years of partying followed by a degree like many college kids do, they are honestly interested in what they are learning. My son is passionate about philosophy and about world religions (enough so that he has 3 of them permanently represented on his body in ink) and my daughter has developed a new-found love of history.   Unlike their mother who regrets abandoning her love of Yeats for the job market every day of her life, they have the courage of conviction to follow their hearts instead of going for the guaranteed job-finding degree, and I admire that.  And yes, I’m thankful that I finally got myself back to school!

5.  Health information –  we have a lot of debate and many challenges coming our way – but what an exciting time to be in health information!  And the reason there are debates is because there are a lot of passionate people in this field – and the more of them I get to know, the more I love being one of  them.  I am thankful for our M*Modal partners, for the industry organizations, for the universities, and for the providers who are all part of an exciting industry.

6.  Women – of course I’m thankful for men too, but being part of the transcription and health information fields which are full of so many talented wonderful women, and being introduced to groups like the PghTech Women’s Network and Disruptive Women in Healthcare, makes me realize how far we’ve come in the last few decades.  Hey, the days of Mad Men were not that long ago…

7. M*Modal – the amazingly innovative little company-who-could who alone in the crowd stands up against the giant Nuance. And unlike the aforementioned conglomerate, M*Modal is a group of brilliant, humble dreamers who quietly come up with innovative ideas that blow everyone away as though the ideas are just hanging out behind trees.  Seriously, how many of us get to say we get to work for a company of dreamers?  They gave me a home, gave me a voice, gave me a cause.  They let me say anything I want to say even if what I say is not always the smart thing from a marketing perspective. Why? Because they believe more in people and healthcare than they do in marketing.

So, we have lots of work to do as 2010 winds down, and we have many challenges coming our way in 2011. But I’m betting next year will bring even more to be thankful for….

I wish you all the best for the holidays…

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