Meaningful Use – Again with Meaning Please…

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Take a look at Dr. O’Connor’s post, Meaningful Use – Doctors have no choice.

Dr. O’Connor is a supporter of the EHR and was an early adopter. No one can seriously claim that making accurate health information readily accessible and available for the collaborative care of the patient is a bad thing – but who has been given the choice about how “meaningful use” of the EHR is being mandated? Who decided what “meaningful use” is? Meaningful to whom? The patients? The doctors?

There are many great things about meaningful use – the idea of updated and available problem lists, allergies, and medication lists alone has potential for tremendous benefit. But we have to be concerned with how meaningful use is being deployed. Have we really worked out, for example, the workflow behind the reconciliation of problem lists before making it a mandate for physicians?

Dr. O’Connor’s article, along with descriptions of patient experiences, including my own and the one described by Robin Daigh on MD-IT’s blog seems to support the need to consider the patient – and the doctor – when determining what is truly “meaningful” when it comes to health information.

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