Medical Transcription is Green…

The carbon footprint.

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Hello all:  As a former card-carrying member of  many environment groups, I was really interested to see Jay’s post on AHDI Lounge from yesterday!

I knew medical transcription was an important part of healthcare but I don’t think it occurred to me to think of it as green. But of course it is! We work remotely decreasing our carbon footprints significantly by eliminating all the driving, we encourage electronic exchange of information and at least are trying to get our facilities to use less paper, toner, etc. There are probably a million other ways that we contribute to the greening of the world too!

See Jay’s post here for all the scoop….

Kudos to Debbie Bright-Chunn for setting the Louisiana State University Public Policy Research Lab straight on this one!

Til next time,

2 Responses

  1. Medical transcription is an important part for the healthcare professional to keep their patient’s history safe and up to date.
    Thanks for sharing this post with us

    • You’re welcome! thanks for the comment Paul…

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