HIM – Out of the Basement and into the Forefront

The M*Modal team and I attended AHIMA’s national conference last week and as usual it was a terrific opportunity for us to meet with some of our partners in person (it was great seeing you!) and to meet new friends.

But in addition to that, attending the AHIMA national conference was, as always, a great place to learn about what topics are hot for health information professionals right now. And wow, do they have a lot of hot topics!

The coming ICD-10 conversion, changing and evolving technologies such as computer assisted coding (CAC), continued conversations about RACs, increasing CMS documentation requirements for coding, and of course ARRA and HITECH activities around electronic health records (EHR) have created an over-abundance of change for HIM professionals.

The role of HIM in maintaining and managing the information that every healthcare provider needs in order to function is more obvious than ever. HIM has sometimes been thought of as the medical records folks in the basement…but no more!  Because who is going to be the keeper of the keys to all these changes and new responsibilities? HIM professionals of course.

So this week we are going to be talking about what we heard at AHIMA.

It is increasingly apparent that the medical transcription industry at large must rediscover its HIM roots. The fact that a large amount of medical transcription today is performed outside of the healthcare provider’s facility, and might be performed by an outside service rather than by provider employees, does not mean that medical transcription is no longer part of HIM.  It is our responsibility as providers of transcribed health information to re-forge this connection.

This week we’ll be discussing some of the topics that are important and relevant to HIM professionals.

Let’s re-claim our place in the HIM workflow by showing that dictation and transcription can continue to be of service to the healthcare provider in its quest for useful documentation.

HIM professionals – what are your thoughts?  How can dictated documentation be changed to improve its usefulness to you?

More later,


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