Will we see you at AHIMA?

The 82nd AHIMA Convention and Exhibit is almost here! The gang from M*Modal will be there (booth 2109) and we hope to see many of you!

Transcription service providers often attend AHIMA to exhibit and to take advantage of the opportunity to meet in person with customers. It is definitely a terrific venue for networking and customer relationship building.

But what I like so much about AHIMA’s national convention is that it is such a terrific learning opportunity. Not only is it full of educational sessions and presentations, but what better way to hear about what the HIM users of clinical information are talking about?  What are their concerns? Their challenges?

As MTSOs, this is a great place to get ideas about how to better serve your HIM customers. How can you change your service offering to help them to be more efficient? To eliminate some of their pain points?

In short – what can you take away from AHIMA that will help you to increase your value to your HIM customers? What problem can you solve for them that will make it clear that you are more than a typing service – and that you are not merely an expense to be eliminated?

HIM is in more of a transitional state than perhaps they’ve ever been in before. With ICD-10 looming, talk of meaningful use and the EMR, challenges presented when systems designed for clinical use don’t necessarily meet the needs of HIM, increased demands for documentation for coding and reimbursement, RAC reviews, and of course – despite all the talk of the electronic record, even facilities who have made great strides towards adoption and use of the EMR still have years and years worth of paper documentation to deal with.

Just a few of the interesting topics that will be covered:

  • ICD-10-PCS (Procedure Coding System – inpatient procedure coding) and ICD-10-CM (Clinical Modification – diagnosis coding).  What does the change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 mean to your customers?
  • Audits and Quality – how do RAC reviews and other quality audits affect the HIM? What is the difference between how the MTSO measures quality of documentation and how the HIM looks at it for their purposes?
  • ARRA and the HITECH Act – are you caught up with your reading about meaningful use? ARRA and HITECH? What do these hot topics mean to your customers – and subsequently to you?
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement programs – capturing sufficient information about severity and complications affects hospital reimbursement levels as well as hospital performance ratings.  How can you help your customers to collect the more accurate and complete information that they need?  Do you know how documentation can be used to improve CC/MCC capture? To improve their CMI? And ultimately to improve patient care?

If you are attending the convention – take advantage of this terrific learning opportunity.  If you aren’t attending, AHIMA has a wealth of information available on their website. HCPro also has a tremendous amount of educational material available as well.

Here is a homework assignment…if you don’t know what these acronyms mean, find out. Being knowledgeable about HIM will increase your value to your customers and will help to keep you viable well into the future of clinical documentation.

I hope to see you in Orlando!


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