Healthcare in One Voice…

Did you see Jay Vance’s post yesterday in the AHDI Lounge?   Don’t Confuse me with the Facts

He mentions an article he read recently that talks about how groups of people believe what they want to believe despite evidence to the contrary – and how as our trust in large groups such as the government diminishes, our faith in our smaller network groups grows. He relates that to our position in health information, and specifically  in the medical transcription industry.

I’ve definitely seen evidence of this as I frequent blogs and discussions held by various groups in the industry. The HIMSS blogs talk only about technical requirements and implementation.  AHIMA discussions center around increased information requirements with the coming ICD-10-CM conversion.  AHDI and MTIA talk about keeping the narrative in clinical information…

We are all talking about the same thing – health information – but each group looks at the topic from its own perspective. We all see the problem in a different way.

I agree with Jay that it is difficult to see the big picture – especially when the information available to us depends largely upon with organization is most active and outspoken at the time.

And I also agree with him that we have the ability to go beyond our own narrow perspective to see through to the bigger picture.  We have the ability to speak as a unified voice for the good of health information – not just about our own concerns.

Are we concerned about the loss of transcription only because of what it will mean to our wallets? Or do we honestly believe that transcription is a valuable and important part of health information that really IS useful and meaningful.

I know how I would answer that question – how about you?

Thanks for the insight Jay!


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