Back to School Time for Medical Transcription!

back to school

Hello all!  It’s getting close! M*Modal and AHDI will be announcing the timeline for our series, Innovative Management for the MTSO, soon!

The general outline is as follows – but we’d like to hear from you before we get started.

What topics are of particular interest to you?  What do you most want to discuss?

AHDI and M*Modal will be collaborating in a series of conversations over the next few months to discuss these topics and more. We will be using several different venues, including webinars, articles, blogs, and online chats (and maybe a few that we’ve never used before!) to talk about the following and more:

Introduction – What is transcription and why is it still relevant?

  • What is our product – what is it that we provide?
  • Why is our product still relevant in the changing world of healthcare IT?
  • What value do we bring our customers that they can’t get elsewhere?

Product offerings and messaging

  • Documentation service levels
  • Useful information – not bottom-cost lines

Wanted: The Career-Minded MT

  • The changing face of the Medical Transcriptionist
  • How do we attract, nurture, and retain the Career-Minded MT?
  • The rise of the “Hobby MT”
  • Taking transcription seriously

Managing for efficiency

  • Using speech recognition to its highest potential – how to get the biggest ROI (…or everything you ever wanted to know about speech rec that most speech rec vendors won’t tell you…)
  • Efficient workforce management
    • Scheduling and workflow distribution
    • Managing the independent contractor
    • Managing by metrics
      • Productivity – proficiency versus output

Transcription Innovation in the World of Meaningful Use

  • Increasing the value of the transcription product
  • The MT of the future
  • Education and skill requirements

What else do you want to talk about? What are your particular concerns?

Give us a shout out by commenting on the blog. If you don’t wish to comment publically but still have comments or suggests, please feel free to email me or contact me privately.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


6 Responses

  1. Very useful information.

    • Thank you!

  2. The “Hobby MT” is the old perception of our industry. Let’s not give it any more press. Today’s MTs are more highly trained, more disciplined, and more professional than ever. Let’s do everything we can to support that and break the old stereotype.

    • Hello Crystal: Thanks for your comment! I do agree that the hobby MT is an old stereotype…but unfortunately I see the problem becoming more of a reality as I talk to so many managers who have difficulty using efficient management techniques because MTs today often just don’t want a full-time dedicated career. They want to work when they want to work. Since no MTSO can function that way – they HAVE to meet turn-around times – they end up staffing many more MTs than they actually need in order to get the work done. This is expensive. The larger your staff, the higher your support costs. This means less money for the MTs they have. It also often means increased out-of-work situations. It also means managers can’t assign work efficiently in a way that MTs could become more productive and thus make more money. Where does this cycle end and where does it begin? Who knows – it’s the same old chicken and egg story. But everyone in this cycle needs to do his or her part to stop it if we want it to end.

      Like you say Crystal, lets do everything we can to break that old stereotype – by making sure we aren’t contributing to the demise of the Career MT.

      Please see and my posts about MT compensation if you’d like more information….

      Thanks for you comment!


  3. I heard you speak at ACE — a very WOW! presentation. Thank you so much.

    Hobby (Avon Lady) MTs are not just a problem for MTSOs. It also happens in a hospital setting. Someone has to say, “Patient care comes first.” I would like to see how your management techniques would apply in a hospital setting.

    Thanks for your insights.


    • Thanks so much for the kind words Susan! I think the management techniques we’ll be discussing will absolutely translate to the hospital setting. Looking forward to “seeing” you there!


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