Healthcare IT – Let’s Stop Preaching to the Choir…

Hi everyone: for those of you who are on LinkedIn, and who are part of the HIMSS LinkedIn group (if you aren’t, join it)…here is a great opportunity to insert yourselves into a discussion that is really ridiculous.

The entire discussion is generated primarily by IT folks, project managers, implementation consultants, and the like. Just like many of the other healthcare IT blogs out there.

While we all blog and discuss amongst our own – they are out there blogging amongst there own. Hm. Pretty much a waste of time for all concerned, don’t you agree?

Here is one chance, amongst MANY, for those of us who are passionate about high-quality, useful, cost effective, and truly meaningful clinical documentation to make our voices heard amongst those who are deciding how technology should be implemented – even though they know nothing about the people at the core of the technology – the physicians and their patients.

We all – including me – need to leave our safe domains where we’ll be patted on the backs by our fellows who agree with us – and start talking amongst the folks who do NOT agree with us. Because maybe they DO agree with us – and they just don’t it. đŸ™‚

I know it’s intimidating – I’m the first to be intimidated by someone with technical knowledge that I just don’t have, “gosh, I sound like an idiot because I don’t know about fractal mathematics..” But they don’t know what WE know either. Those of us on the human side of things have got to stop belittling ourselves and letting the technologies take the credit for what WE make work. We have a lot to bring to these discussions!

Let’s get out into the masses folks…are we ready?

Top Ten Reasons why EMR/EHR Implementations are Failing.


2 Responses

  1. Lynn, I had some trouble following the link above–it took me to a retail group within Linked In. I did eventually find the HIMSS group and joined it. For those of you reading this fascinating discussion, there is also a blog outside linked-in that has posted a good summary of the discussion, which now exceeds 500 responses. It’s here: Now that I’ve posted that link here, I see that Lynn has also included it in her twitter updates!

    • Sorry about the link Susan! I liked the Juran post as well – a nice concise summary and a technical person willing to print the idea that technology sometimes fails because it doesn’t do what the humans who use it need it to do….

      Thanks for your comment!

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