I just gotta say….Social Media

Can I just tell you all that I am LOVING social media?  I have to admit that our communications manager (Lindsey – many of you have met her at the trade shows) dragged me kicking and screaming. I had a twitter account and Facebook page long before I actually did anything with them.  🙂 I just didn’t see the point – and who has TIME!!???

But she kept after me (bless her heart because I can be umm…just a tad stubborn) and I started my blog about 2 months or so ago, and started tweeting just a few weeks ago.

And guess what – I’m hooked!

The first thing I noticed was how EASY it was for me to find people who had common interests and by following them, to find links to an incredible wealth of information. I have LEARNED so much in the last few weeks!  Sure, the information was always there and available to me – but I didn’t have the tools to filter it and to find what was useful to me.

Even so, I pretty quickly said to myself, “my gosh – I’m already so tired of hearing myself talk – how am I going to keep this up?”

But then something wonderful started to happen.


People started emailing me, facebook messaging me, connecting with me on LinkedIn and Plaxo, finding me on twitter, thanking me, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me, arguing with me – DISCUSSING with me.

I realized, “my gosh – this industry is still full of passionate, involved, motivated people!”

The healthcare documentation industry WASN’T gone at all!  And it ISN’T dying!

Yes friends, the “faithful” are still there! We just didn’t have the means to gather – to communicate – to take advantage of strength in numbers.

We didn’t have the foundation upon which to build a movement. Every crusade needs its meeting ground, right? Its home base?

Because I do believe that healthcare documentation and our efforts to keep it useful, to keep the substance of the old ways while introducing the capabilities of the new, is a crusade.  And nothing less than an all out, no holds barred campaign will keep it going and will allow us to reach our vision…..which, as far as I can see it, is to enable:

Truly meaningful, high quality, comprehensive clinical information that is convenient for the doctor to provide, is accessible to those who need it, is cost effective and efficient, and which – most importantly – contributes to the ability of the doctor to care for the patient.

Social media gives us that home base. Our campaign headquarters.

Reach out!  How? If you don’t use twitter, Facebook, or other social media tools yet, use the links to the right to take you to the places that will help you get started.

If you HAVE accounts already, use them. You’ll be amazed.

Let’s use social media – to learn, to teach, to discuss – to spread the word about our crusade.


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